Rebecca Epp

Mother Gaia Rising, Original Painting by Bex

Painting is a new hobby of mine that I started only about a year and a half ago. Ever since I was attuned to Reiki energy in 2019, I felt compelled to paint something with a vibrant rainbow. I painted this canvas in the traditional chakra colors (red on the bottom, to purple on top) but I couldn’t figure out what else I needed to do. For the longest time, I left the painting in a closet, just as it was. A rainbow. For over a year, I put off painting it, not knowing where to go with it next. No direction. “Painters block”.


While randomly browsing online I found this awesome statue of Gaia for sale. Now, I don’t really need MORE statues, or so my husband tells me, so I decided to paint her instead. When I was getting out a new canvas to paint the statue on, I noticed the rainbow behind the other canvases. Upside down. I then saw the beginnings of what I truly needed to paint on the rainbow canvas.

(Inspiration statue from another online site.)

I am pleased to show you my new painting inspired by Mother Earth, herself! “Mother Gaia Rising”. 20×16 acrylic, spray paint, and marker on canvas. She is painted in my style, which I am still not sure what that is called. She has flowers in her hair and is sitting on a lake with rock stacks and trees surrounding her. Geese fly behind her in front of the setting sun. Some planets are high up in the night sky. Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, and the moon, shine behind Mother Gaia. I am not sure if I am ready to part with her just yet but I do have limited prints on my site now! GET A PRINT Look for more prints of my other paintings coming soon.




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Rebecca Epp is the owner and designer/artist at The Steampunk Buddha and makes custom handmade, Whimsical Steampunk Jewelry and Custom Artwork in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.