We have many different styles of custom-made pendulums with Rose Quartz, Amethyst, Onyx, Moonstone, and other various types of healing stones. You can use these pendulums as decoration, in Reiki Healing or as a Dowsing tool.

How to use your Pendulum.

  1. Pick the pendulum that feels right to you. Once you have found the best dowsing pendulum for your needs, you’ll need to clear it of residual energy.
  2. Although each pendulum is blessed with Reiki energy and cleansed in the moonlight after being made, you should personally cleanse the pendulum in the moonlight. This can be done inside the home on a windowsill.
  3. Build a relationship with the pendulum.
  4. Ask your pendulum questions.

The Steampunk Buddha is a family-owned and operated business in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas. We make each item by hand and do not replicate most of the more intricate pieces. What you see here on the site is the exact piece of jewelry that you will receive when ordering.

*All orders ship within 48 hours.

*Ships from Eureka Springs, Arkansas

*Free shipping on orders over $50

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