Moss Agate Pendant


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Moss Agate Pendant

Wire wrapped Moss Agate Pendant is made from a beautiful piece of moss agate. The piece of moss agate has a lovely scene that reminds me of the Ozark Mountains. This moss agate has been shaped from raw material, cut, and polished into the unique shape you see here. The moss agate stone features colors of gray, green, blue, and white and has been wire-wrapped with silver plated wire. The moss agate is cut, shaped, and polished from a rough slab. It hangs from a 24-inch silver plated snake chain. This entire piece was made from raw material by our artist Erik.

Moss agate is said to encourage tranquility and emotional balance. Moss agate is the perfect stone for those who experience strong aggression or overly nurturing emotions, helping to balance male and female energies whenever they become too extreme.

Like many other green stones, Moss Agate goes to work on the heart chakra, ensuring there are no blockages there so that love and abundance can flow free and easily. Moss agate meaning kept beside the bed or under your pillow aids with sleeping by calming and stilling the mind. Moss agate is a powerful calmative and brain sedative and helps heal and settle conditions like ADHD, poor concentration, mood swings, emotional outbursts, and dementia.

Moss agate is what’s known as a semi-precious gemstone. It’s formed from silicon dioxide and is a form of chalcedony, which includes minerals that are green in color embedded in the stone. The stone gets its name from the green specks in it, all of which resemble elements of nature.

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Additional information


Handmade item
Primary color: Gray, blue, green
Secondary color: Silver
Style: Wire wrap
Can be personalized: No
Recipient: Any
Theme: tranquility, Moss agate
Pendant height: 1.75 inch
Pendant width: 2.25 inches
Necklace length: 24
Shape: Oval
Materials: Moss agate, silver plated wire, silver plated snake chain

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