Red Dinosaur Bone and Coprolite Bead Necklace


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Red Dinosaur Bone and Coprolite Bead Necklace

This beautiful Red Dinosaur Bone and Coprolite Bead Necklace is made from real agatized dinosaur gem bone and coprolite (fossilized dino dung). The rare piece of agatized dinosaur bone has been shaped from raw material, cut, and polished into the unique shape you see here. The Dinosaur bone features colors of black, gray, and red. This is a beautiful dino gem bone specimen. The dinosaur bone is cut, shaped, and polished from a rough bone slab. It hangs from a vegan leather cord necklace with handmade, polished dinosaur poop beads. This entire piece was made from raw material by our artist Erik.

​A fossilized dinosaur bone is often seen as a gemstone. These stones are a product of fossilizing the bones of dinosaurs where the cellular construction has been reinstated with quartz while maintaining the original bone structure. Traditionally believed that the fossilized bone of dinosaurs has a propensity to increase energy and memory. Known to be an excellent stone for past life work. This stone will assist you to achieve all that you need in life. Agatized Dinosaur bone has a magical pull, as it assists you to bring forward and deal with negative issues from your past. Being a Stone of Integrity is wonderful for calming anxiety and it helps you overcome survival anxieties.

Red Dinosaur Bone is predisposed to assist you with others along with the power to understand what others are really saying. This stone will align you with your pure convictions, it helps you to confidently follow your heart. Dinosaur bone has a wide diversity of colors which in turn activates protective energy and built up a guarding aura all around the torso. It takes its color from minerals such as chloride, chromium, and iron-oxide together with manganese that enter the cells during formation. Believed to fortify the Spirit in times of trouble, it eradicates and replaces negative opinions and negative energies with positive. It promotes wholeness and healing. Dinosaur bones have the ability to get your astral body back into the physical body. Dinosaur Gembone activates protective energy and built up a guarding aura all around the body.

Coprolite is fossilized Dinosaur Poo! Coprolite is felt to enhance memory and give clarity to situations that link to the past. It is a highly protective stone that helps us to feel safe. It is thought to stop fear-based illusions of demons and monsters so would be beneficial to anyone who suffers from nightmares or has a fear of the dark. Dino poop is considered to be good for clearing out our old rubbish and spiritual baggage that no longer serves us.

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Additional information


Handmade item
Primary color: Red, Gray, Brown, Yellow
Style: Beaded
Can be personalized: No
Recipient: Any
Theme: Healing, Dinosaur bone, coprolite
Materials: Agatized Dinosaur Gem Bone, Coprolite beads, vegan leather cord

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