Wicked Witch Refrigerator Magnet


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Wicked Witch Refrigerator Magnet

The Wicked Witch is forever immortalized in this Wicked Witch Refrigerator Magnet. She is handmade with a clay face. Her face has been hand-painted and her hair, hand-laid. This Wicked Witch Refrigerator Magnet will make you the envy of all of your witchy friends. The witch magnet is one of a kind. Wicked Witch Refrigerator Magnet features a creepy old witch’s face with bushy black hair. She wears a black witch hat with a cat on top of her head. Wicked Witch Refrigerator Magnet makes the perfect gift for anyone with a fun sense of humor.  This hand sculpted green witch magnet is a cute magnet to put on your refrigerator. This gothic witch magnet is handmade and one of a kind. It is READY TO SHIP NOW.

The witch’s face is made with clay, paint, and resin. This clay face magnet is one of a kind.

  • Arrives in a lovely jewelry bag or box and bubble wrap packaging.
  • Not water-resistant.
  • Not meant to be used in water or in the shower.
  • Size is shown in comparison to a US Quarter in the second photo.
  • Colors may appear different on some computer screens.
  • All products are created in a smoke-free environment.

All of my items are one-of-a-kind, unique pieces of wearable art. No two creations are ever quite the same. You aren’t just buying jewelry, but a piece of original art. Images and designs are the sole intellectual property of The Steampunk Buddha ®. All rights reserved. © 2014-2022 The Steampunk Buddha ®

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Additional information


Handmade item
Primary color: Green
Secondary color: Black
Style: Gothic
Recipient: Any
Holiday: Halloween, Any
Materials: paint, clay, mold, charms, resin, magnet, time, care, love


Black, Green


Gothic, Whimsical, Witchy

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