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Welcome to The Steampunk Buddha. Our artist, Becky (Bex), creates unusual steampunk and gothic style wearable art with a touch of whimsy. Located deep in the woods of the beautiful Ozark mountains, she creates various styles of handmade jewelry, including Steampunk, CyberPunk, Gothic, SteamGoth and Classic Cameos with a whimsical twist! Have a friend or family member who is hard to shop for? The Steampunk Buddha is here to help! 

Each pendant, earring, purse hook and cufflink is a bit different every time. Bright colors mixed with gothic or Halloween charms, or steampunk with hot pink accents are some of the many different types of wearable art that you will find here at The Steampunk Buddha. We are now beginning to start working on steampunk lamps and goggles. We will soon have Steampunk themed Home Decor, Steampunk Teddy Bears, Steampunk Hats and Fascinators and Cosplay gear. Keep coming back. You never know what we will have next. 


The Origin of The Steampunk Buddha

The name “The Steampunk Buddha” originated from a private running joke between me and my husband. He used to be a bit overweight and he would always joke around telling me that I should rub his “Big Buddha Belly” for luck. When we started talking about expanding my jewelry business, he said that we needed to rub some Buddha Bellies for good luck, and I laughed said “Steampunk Buddha” bellies. So that is where we got our name! 🙂

 Artist Spotlight: Bex

About our Jewelry:

 Each necklace, ring, bracelet, or set of cufflinks takes around 3 days to complete. Our artist, Bex, hand paints every item in a different way and the gears are never the same. The Steampunk Buddha takes pride in each one of the items listed and we hope that you enjoy the shop. If you have any questions, feel free to ask HERE

For questions and answers about our art, your order and other Frequently asked questions visit our FAQ section HERE.

The Steampunk Buddha is a family-owned and operated hobby business located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It is a magical and whimsical place to visit.

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Our original logo was drawn by  Merris Asterios. Check out his artwork here MERRIS ART

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