Rebecca Epp

“Post Barbie”

In celebration of Women’s History Month, Brews presents, “Post Barbie.” – a group exhibition of Eureka Springs’ women artists that starts with an opening artist reception, on Wednesday, March 13, 2024, from 5 to 8 p.m. Featuring the works of more than 60 artists, the show will be on display through the rest of March and April. Artists were asked to create something that depicts women in society today. Art that makes your voice be heard, and passion, that makes a statement on being a woman in this post-Barbie world.


This is my piece titled “Ignite your Power” which I did for the show “POST BARBIE” at Brews in Eureka Springs Arkansas. It is 12×16 in size, acrylic on canvas with a burnt frame. I wanted it to represent young women in society today, who may not realize how much power they truly hold. Our future is in their hands. As our rights as women keep being stripped away from us, it is indeed women who hold us together. Our inner fire and passions can ignite the world if we all join together to fight hate and oppression. This was a very hard theme for me. I am not openly political although I do hold very strong convictions on body autonomy and women’s rights to choose their own paths in life. I painted this for my daughter, my granddaughter, all of the women who are too afraid to speak up, the women who were forced into lives and roles they didn’t want to be in, trans women, and gay women, I painted this for my mother, my grandmother, my mother in law and for myself. I love you all. We need to fight to be in control of our lives. Ignite your power ladies. Together, we can change the world.

Photos from the show by curator John Rankine

Below is art from several other local artists who were in this show. Credit is given to the artists 

Art by Kathryn EG Harvey

Art by Booker Garrett

Art by Jamie Flora


Painting by Lillian Rose Asterios

Painting by Jana Robison

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