Festival of the Faeries

Fly to the highest heights, dance in the full moonlight, 
and tell the tale of the Festival of Faeries far and wide! 
See the amazing sights, trance in a magic-filled night,
Visit the vendors, purveyors & proprietors. Drums at the fireside!
Faeries, gnomes, and sprites; and other elemental delights,
Earth, Water, Wind and spirit, and music on the mountainside…
Fire and Flow & uplifting rites are only a few of the mystical highlights!

The faeries have come out of hiding for a weekend of mirth and mischievous wonderment! 
Escape into the fantasy woodland community of ‘The Secret Gates’ in Gateway Arkansas, where nature spirits and magical creatures are hosting a weekend of frivolity and fun for the entire family!

Bonfire, Enchanted Woodland Trail, Limited Camping, Magical Arts/Crafts, Pageantry & Cosplay, Live music, Metaphysical Fun, Food, Drum Circle, Daytime & Nighttime events…