2018 Mad Hatters Ball, Eureka Springs

The theme of the Mad Hatters Ball this year was Psychedelic Mad Hatter. You know us. We had to add that Steampunk flair as well so we came up with a Psychedelic Island of Doctor Moreau theme with a Mad Hatter Twist. Erik was the Doctor/Hatter and I was his creation, a steampunk form of the Cheshire Cat. What fun it was creating these props and what fun we had at the ball. Check out the amazing band, Crescent City Combo.


We were excited to donate a piece this year for the auction as well. this is what I made especially for this event! I would also like to mention to whoever won this necklace, that the necklace does GLOW IN THE DARK!




Steampunk Island of Doctor Moreau/ Psychedelic Mad Hatter Tophat




Steampunk Cheshire Cat/Moreau’s Monster Brain Hat



More Photos from the Ball