The Steampunk Buddha

We had the best time at Eureka Springs School of the Arts 2018 Mad Hatter’s Ball. The ball was located at the beautiful Crescent Hotel, located in Eureka Springs, Ar. This year’s theme was Psychedelic Mad Hatter.

Erik and I decided to go with the theme Psychedelic Steampunk Island of Doctor Moreau/Mad Hatter. Although we didn’t win the Hat Contest, we were told by many people that we should have won and that we had the best theme. It was nice to hear. I made both of our hats by hand and made my mask as well. It took me well over a month to complete, including finishing my mask in our hotel room, one hour before the Ball started! It was such a fun time. Seeing everyone’s hats was just awesome. There are so many talented people in our town. You can see all of our photos and photos of the process of making the costumes HERE.


A guy drew us at the bar that evening. It was a magical night.

~Bex E. Eppik