Rebecca Epp

“Haunted” Art Show at Brews

I am super late in posting about the painting that I did for the Halloween event at Brews in town. This event was titled Haunted and over 70 artists were invited to participate. This event took place in October of this year.


This was probably the hardest painting that I have done to date. Painting with black is not easy if you want to show detail (and don’t really know what you are doing). The moon and candle flames also are painted with black light reflective paint so they glow. It is also hard to get a good photo of this painting. This piece now hangs in my art studio but I may put it up for sale on the website along with some of my other pieces from 2023 in the next month or so. I have since touched up this painting and may do a little bit more to make it pop. I’m no professional I don’t really know what I’m doing so I keep touching stuff up. There is also an entire other painting underneath this one. I initially painted woods full of porcelain dolls for this event but did not like how it turned out so there are about 20 creepy dolls hidden under this painting as well. I am always nervous to join such amazing talents like the artists who are involved in these projects. It still amazes me that my art is worthy to be hung next to some of the most talented people that I know. <3 As always I’d like to thank John Rankine for putting together these amazing art shows and for allowing me to be a part of them.

My piece is called “Eternal”. It represents loss and eternal love.

"ETERNAL" by Rebecca Epp

“ETERNAL” by Rebecca Epp

“ETERNAL” by Rebecca Epp

“ETERNAL” by Rebecca Epp

“Eternal” hanging in my art studio with other artists’ works and my House of 1000 Corpses poster. (Yep, it’s my favorite movie)

Robert Pawlson wanted to be in a photo.

Two of the artists who were part of this event Photo credit to John Rankine

by Stella Ipswitch Photo credit to John Rankine

art by Jana Robison Photo credit to John Rankine

(I am not sure of this man’s name but wanted to share) Photo credit to John Rankine

These are our friends, Emily and Raymond who put on an amazing theater performance in our lovely little town in the Ozarks. They were just in New York City on Broadway too! I was seriously in tears several times during their newest show called “I Haunt You“. This husband and wife team (along with family and friends) are so talented and their theater is so heartfelt and you can feel the love the two of them radiate out from their performance. This was the second show of theirs that we have been to and each one gets bigger and better. If you have to pleasure of visiting our town I highly recommend catching one of their live shows. You can follow them on FACEBOOK.  @ MelonlightBallroom

“I Haunt You” Melonlight Ballroom

Our friends Raymond and Emily and family from Melonlight Ballroom Photo credit to John Rankine

Rebecca Epp is the owner and designer/artist at The Steampunk Buddha and makes custom handmade, Whimsical Steampunk Jewelry and Custom Artwork in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.