Rebecca Epp


New Mixed Media Steampunk Jewelry Coming Soon

Coming soon! New mixed media steampunk jewelry! Painted with a rustic style, these pendants are one of a kind. Some remind me of something you might find in the remains of the Titanic. Others seem to be rusty and old, because of the paint style.


What is Mixed Media Art? 

Mixed media art refers to a visual art form that combines a variety of media in a single artwork. For example, if you draw with ink, then paint over it with watercolors, then add some highlights in colored pencil – that’s mixed media!

Mixed Media brings various styles together to create a new piece. I bring paint, metal, steampunk gears and other properties into my jewelry to create a custom, unique piece, made just for you. 

I’m proud to introduce these new items to you. I have a lot of new ideas for future items as well so make sure to check back soon!

Thanks, Becky <3

Rebecca Epp is the owner and designer/artist at The Steampunk Buddha and makes custom handmade, Whimsical Steampunk Jewelry and Custom Artwork in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.